Batch Invoicing

1.1.    Jobs to check

The batch process starts in the job to check process. This is where the completed jobs are captured ready for checking but prior to release for invoicing.


Open the job select the cost charge analysis

Amend as required


On completion of checking all required details within the job it is now ready for batch processing.

Select the financial tab

Select the charge status ‘Ready to Batch’

These jobs will now be stored awaiting completion of the batch.


1.2.    Batch Creation

This is where the batch is created for all the stored jobs.


Select Job Batch

Select New

Batch Name:   Free format as required

Batch Description :  Free format as required

Reference:  Free format as required

Filter Customer: Enter required details to enable the search for the individual customer

Select apply filter

Select Save and Close

This will now move all the jobs for the selected customer into the batch

Each job can now be added or removed to the batch

There is also search features that can be utilised to assist with identification of the jobs to find them and add to the batch

Whilst the batch status is open jobs can be added and removed as required

The copy batch to clip board will enable to you capture the details and copy in Excel

See example

Should you select to remove items from the batch you will be prompted for a reason.

1.3.    Application or Invoice Now


The batch status could be optionally set to ready ‘Ready for Application’ or alternatively just move to ‘Invoice Now’.


At this stage no further jobs can be added or removed from the batch

It is possible at this stage to copy into Excel as shown below

1.4.    Prepare the invoice

Select Finish

The batch will process

1.4.1.   Print


The batch invoice is now available to print

Select Financial

Select Sale Invoice Origin Job Batch