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How do I reset my password on an @live.solarvista.com username?

This article covers password resets for user accounts that do not use your company domain logins. These accounts are usually in the format firstname.surname@live.solarvista.com

Please visit https://admin-live.solarvista.com/passwordreset and enter your USERNAME (usually in the format firstname.surname@live.solarvista.com). *This is not your email address* 

If the system finds a valid user of that name, it will email a link to the registered email address of that user to complete the password reset.

If the email does not come through it may be that the account is not recognised or that the associated email address is not correct. If this is the case, please email support@solarvista.com to request a password reset stating that the automated method has not worked for you and we can check why this was the case and correct it for future use.