Invoice Options

The aim of this article is to explain the various options that can be selectable for invoices

Parent /Child

This option details where there is a head office with sites attached

The head office will be created as in the example below.


 The sites will then be created and linked to the head office parent



 In this example when a job is logged for the site and completed the invoice for this job will be raised for the parent, head office.





The invoice will show in the details that the job was raised against the site as the example below shows




Invoice Non-Related Site

The job will be raised as the example below

The customer is the head office

The site is where the job is to be raised for


 Within the service order, it is possible to redirect the invoicing to another customer

This is competed in the financial tab by changing the invoice to and selecting a different customer.  The customer does not have to bear any relationship to either the parent or the child site.  However, this will have to be manually selected when the job is logged.


On job completion ready for invoice this is what would be seen.

The site the call was raised for

The customer where the invoice is to be raised for



This is an example of the invoice print for the scenario above



Alternative Address for Parent Site only

It is possible to pre-set an alternative address against the Parent site .

Therefore, resulting in any job raised for a site or the parent will be sent to the selected address.



When the job is completed this would be the result of the invoice





Agreement Invoices

It is also possible to redirect the agreement invoice.

 The agreement would be created for the head office and site attached under the agreement



Then it is possible to say any work completed under the agreement should invoice as selected below:

 Agreement premiums to one site

Service order jobs to another