OB012 - Sending / Receiving Ad Hoc Messages

Associated Feature(s):

  • FEA056 - Send messages to field-based staff from within Gantt-style planning tool.
  • FEA161 - Receive messages/notifications from Solarvista Gantt-tool planning users.

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Sending ad hoc messages

OB012 – Sending / Receiving Ad Hoc Messages

Notifications can be sent via emails to any Personnel listed by right clicking the personnel name.

Notifications can also be sent from the right click menu on an allocated job

In both cases, emails can only be sent to personnel that have an email address entered in the Personnel record.

To send a notification

  • Right click the personnel name in the Personnel list or right click a job in the Stack/Diary and select Send Notification
  • Select the name or All Personnel Listed
  • Complete the Send Message form
  • Select Send


 If the email option is unavailable, contact Solarvista for this to be configured