Customer Locations/Sites (Parent / Child Relationship)

Associated Feature(s):

  • FEA001 - Maintain a list of sites for each Customer.

Before creating your first Customer, you may want to consider the types of Customers you have and configure "Customer Categories" to group these together. Customer Categories can be found in the Categories bar on the General menu. Examples of Categories may be "hotel", "Public House", "Supermarket", " Nightclub"

Within Solarvista X9 Explorer you can configure your Customer records which can be classified as either parent (Site) or child (Site of) Customers. We recommend creating your parent customers first of all as you can then select these when creating the child sites.

To open a new Customer record, go to General and launch the Customers module

Click on the New "+" icon on the top bar.


The Customer record allows you to record various data items about the Customer's name, address, contact details and Category grouping.

The Short Name is the name as it will display on the engineer's mobile device. We recommend using a combination of customer name and postcode for example SMITH/S4 7QQ because it can be useful when searching for customer records. Solarvista maintains this field as unique. The field is populated by clicking the Red Tick and uses the value defined in Companies Parameters (under the General menu). 

The Short Code should be a unique code and can be useful when searching

The addresses tab allows you to display the "Site of" customers where the parent customer has various child site locations. We will cover this further later on. 

The Contacts tab allows you to create various departments and contacts for the site. You can also add a memo here.

If a site is to be a child site of another, you can select the parent site on the General tab. Clicking the ... button will load a window displaying other customer records in the system for you to choose from

Child (site of) Customers will then display in the Addresses tab of the Parent (Site) Customer record

The Miscellaneous tab allows you to configure Preferred Personnel which allows you to specify a list of engineers for the site. The Territories section allows you to specify which region the customer falls into for allocation of jobs (service territory). When enabled in the Company parameters, the territories will auto populate as long as the postcode is entered when the customer is created and as long as it exists in a territory.