OB022 - Introducing Service Routines

Associated Feature(s):

  • FEA116 - Specify standard service routines as task lists.
  • FEA187 - Read standard service routines as task lists and record them as done/not done. 

A Service Routine is a list of tasks that can be completed on the LIVE Mobile Application by engineers completing jobs.

Service Routines are set against equipment and agreements indirectly via Scheduled Services, and can also be set against Jobs. They are generally set to create a single outstanding action during job creation.

Service routines can be configured under the service menu 

When creating a new Service routine you will be asked to give the routine a name. You can also record a memo here to help further down the line. 

The task tab is where you can create your processes that you want the LIVE mobile user to undertake.

As you create tasks you are asked an estimated duration. These will then be added together to give an estimate of the Service routine time needed.

It is also possible using the ‘Advanced’ button to define the task response you require from the mobile application.

On the inventory tab you can select any products that will be needed for the service routine. This is only for reference and will not transfer to the job or to the mobile. 

The Pricing tab allows you to configure the Pricing Cost (1) (This is the cost to the business of completing the Service Routine for the customer, so when completing a job with this cost attached it will show this against it) along with the Retail Price (2). The Retail price (2) can be used for charging purposes.

The Equipment Class tab allows you to add certain equipment classes that the Service Routine can be used against. This helps to reduce mistakes as it will only allow the user to select Service Routines with the same Equipment Class. Ones without an Equipment Class can be assigned to all equipment.

Once you have completed this tab you have created the basic settings for the Tasks within your Service Routine. Click on OK to save your new Service Routine