OB025 - Working with Jobs - Expenses

Associated Feature(s):

    FEA025 - Capture out-of-pocket expenses and associate with jobs.

    FEA163 - Record expenses or non-inventory items (free text plus a value).


Solarvista LIVE has the option to capture expenses at various stages of the job. These expenses can be either Personnel Expenses or Visit Expenses. You can also use expenses to capture the use of non-inventory items used on jobs.

TIP: Expense Activities on the mobile need to be enabled on the mobile Workflow. Please refer to article OB007 for more information on Workflows and how to request an activity be enabled.


When enabled on the Workflow, the Expenses options appear as an Activity button as shown here. To record an expense item, touch the relevant Activity button.


Personnel Expenses allow you to record expenses incurred whilst working but may not be directly related to the visit. You can record the Expense Category by selecting from the list, Name the item in the free text name field, add a cost to the item, record a charge if this will be billed to the customer as well as recording the product code for the item, the quantity of the item used and whether you require reimbursement for the expense.

Visit expenses are linked to the Job/Field Visit