OB028 - Modifying the time of arrival (ETA) and estimated time of completion (ETC).

Associated Feature(s):

    FEA153 - Modify estimated time of arrival (ETA) and estimated time of completion (ETC).


Solarvista Live Mobile has the option to allow mobile engineers to update their Estimated Time of Departure, Estimated Time of Arrival and Estimated Time of Fix/Completion. These options are not enabled in the Workflow by default. For information about Workflows, please read our guide (OB007). The 3 options are independent of each other so you can have one or more without having to have all three enabled.

At the accepted stage, an engineer can update their Estimated Departure time and date. Clicking on this Activity loads the following form:

Once a valid time and date are selected, the left hand bar goes green. Clicking the tick will submit this information. The Engineer can update this estimate more than once.

Once departed on the job, the engineer can have the option to update their Estimated time of Arrival using the Update Appointment Time activity. This is updated in the same way as before using the above form.

Along the way, the updates are added to the timeline as shown here. Once the engineer selects that he has begun work, they have the option to update the Estimated Completion time and date using the activity on this form. The update is added in the same way again using the form below:

The values added on these forms are sent back to the back office system to be viewed in Solarvista X9 Explorer