OB103 - Cancel/Reinstate/Suspend/Resume SLA

Associated feature(s)

FEA050 - Suspend and resume SLA tracking on work/service order/jobs.

FEA051 - Cancel and reinstate SLA tracking on work/service order/jobs.

Before using this feature, it is necessary to configure your SLA variance reasons. This is done via the service menu under the categories section

Within a job you have a section under status that displays the SLA performance for that job.

Under the service order/job menu you have the option to "Cancel (stand down) SLA Performance". Choosing this option allows you to specify a reason for this 

After filling in this form, the SLA status will show as cancelled

Where a job has had the SLA cancelled but you wish to reinstate this, you can follow the same process but choose "reinstate SLA performance" and this will restore the SLA for the job

The same process is used for the Suspend/resume SLA options