Security Scheme rights issue when trying to view / create a new record.

Users may be presented with the warning/error message below when trying to access or create some records in Solarvista. This message advises the user that the Security Scheme assigned to their User account is not set up to allow access to that form and/or data. The Users organisation should have at least one System Administrator responsible for setting up and managing User accounts and passwords etc. A system administrator should also have access to amend security schemes so the Users can access the relevant records.

By default, some of the Solarvista Security Schemes are configured not to allow users to access/create certain forms and records in Solarvista.

To prevent the above message from appearing the system administrator needs to follow the process below to enable the form and data processes for the relevant Users – Security Scheme. However, by changing the Security Scheme all users assigned to the same Security Scheme will be granted the same rights.

Open the General Taskbar and using the two numbered icons in sequence from the diagram below to:-

1              Find the affected User from the User view and note which Security Scheme

2              To list the Security Schemes set up in Solarvista.

Select the Security Scheme associated with the User experiencing the warning message, and use the Open button or double-click the relevant Security Scheme to open the form.

Move to the Forms Tab, this will list all the forms within Solarvista and the data processes within those forms. These are listed in Alphabetical order, use the scroll bar to quickly find the relevant form that presented the warning message.

For example look at the Agreement Limits entry and all the data processes are set to No. i.e. Users with this Security Scheme are not allowed to View, Open, Modify, Create New or Delete on this form. They cannot use the form in effect.

To change the data processes on a form, highlight the form in the list and click the Modify button.

This opens the form, to enable the processes to click on the checkbox to enable that process.

Note. The processes are listed in hierarchical order and work in this way. To Modify a record you must be able to View and Open it.