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Solarvista X9 version 9.27.0 - 29th June 2017

Release date 29/06/2017

Features dependent on software edition


Overview of new features

Create a file of Company holidays

This feature allows you to create a list of company holidays which can then be factored into your schedule. This can include Public National/statutory holidays, Religious holidays and Local holidays along with Non-holiday/Observance and Non-Holiday/Religious days.

Insert from project templates

Allows you to create a set list of items to import when creating a new project. You can also delay start on the items to aid in planning.

Determine shipping/collection points for field-based pickup

Allows inventory to be moved to a personnel via a shipping collection point so can be collected by the personnel en route. Inventory will be moved to the field person in the normal way, except that an interim location is required where the field person may collect it.

Setting up the basics - Time Categories

Adds the ability to configure and add to the existing time categories within the system. Time categories are used to define different periods of time that are used throughout the system (e.g.non-working time, sickness, holiday, etc)

This update also includes changes to support Citrix Receiver