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Accessing Solarvista

A brief overview of accessing the cloud based Solarvista product.

Accessing the application

Solarvista™ is available anywhere, anytime as it runs completely in the cloud. It's available on a range of plans and all include a free 30-day trial period.


You access Solarvista™ in one of two ways:

  1. Via a compatible web browser at https://portal.solarvista.com ; or
  2. Via mobile apps that you can download for free from the major app stores of Apple iOS, Google Android and Microsoft Windows.

A guide on signing in to the Web Portal can be found here.

Mobile apps can be downloaded from the major app stores. Simply search for Solarvista on the respective mobile device's app store. They are free to install.

There is a third way, which is for developers or technically aware users only which is the REST API.

Getting help and support

You're looking at our online help centre right now. This is a comprehensive documentation set that is accessible at help.solarvista.com or from the button in the web browser. You can search the entire content with search tools or browse by section by visiting the home page.

Continue the Getting Started series with Signing in to the Web Portal.