Downloading & Installing

Where and how to download the Solarvista mobile app.

If you are an administrator, or person managing the system/account, you will need to download and install the Solarvista™ mobile app so that you can see how work is assigned to mobile operatives and how Jobs are completed etc. Your users will use the mobile app to update their work items and submit forms and activities.

If you are the system administrator, it is wise to install the Windows app on your PC. This will allow you to test using a single device.

Downloading the mobile app (or apps).

The Solarvista™ mobile app is available in the following app stores:

Apple App Store  Google Play  Windows Store

From your mobile devices, you can also open your app store and search for “Solarvista”. The mobile apps are free to download but need user credentials to sign in to an account.

Mobile demo mode (without signing in).

A useful way for end users to see how the mobile apps work without needing to sign in. To access this demo mode, tap the "Try the Demo Mode" on the first screen. The data that is embedded in the app just shows typical data that may of course not be relevant to your line of business, but it's a useful way to see how it works without fear of creating fake data. Every time a user signs out, the data is reset. No data is ever sent from the device in this mode.

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