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Introduction to Solarvista

A brief overview of Solarvista.

Solarvista™ is a new kind of cloud-based workforce mobilisation & field service system. It’s designed to be super easy to customise, work in any browser and operate with beautiful mobile apps that work offline and for every device type, including iOS™, Android™ and Windows™.

Its agility means it can meet your needs today and quickly a change in the future as it is a completely editable solution, both for web portal and offline mobile apps.

You can use Solarvista™  to facilitate multiple types of activity within your organisation or business e.g. Routines, Inspections, Audits, Installations, Checklists, Safety Compliance, Quality Checks, Repairs, Maintenance, Customer & Technical Service etc.

There are many benefits to using Solarvista™:

  • Saves time.
  • Reduces IT costs.
  • Eliminates paper or email trails.
  • Instant design & deployment.
  • Improves data accuracy.
  • Ensures compliance.
  • Keeps stakeholders updated.
  • Enables better business insight.
  • Improves cash flow.


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